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Founded in 2006 on the belief that successful projects begin and end with a knowledgeable and experienced staff, BM&K is backed by a rich history that predates its launch. Our diverse range of seasoned professionals – which includes everyone from professional engineers and construction managers to licensed general contractors and real estate agent appraisers – gives us the expertise to deliver projects of any scope or size that our clients wish to construct.

Through a combined flair for artistry, craftsmanship and showmanship, BM&K team members all share a passion for their work and a dedication to the clients we serve. With a particular focus on design-build projects in the areas of infrastructure, repurposing of existing spaces, public safety and quality of life, we have rapidly grown our knowledge and experience base right along with our reputation for excellence thanks to a variety of government and private sector projects.

Our signs and skillfully crafted designs can be found on roadways, parks, transportation facilities, EMS and fire stations, corrections and maintenance facilities, office buildings, and even high rise multi-family structures all throughout Georgia. BM&K has provided successful management of a wide array of projects for a broad cross-section of clients, including Georgia DOT, City of Holly Springs, Town of Braselton, Jackson County Government, Walton County Government, Cherokee County Government, Oglethorpe County Government, Paulding County Government, Jackson County Airport Authority and Chateau Élan Winery & Resort – just to name a few.

BM&K is exceedingly proud to provide a wide range of services, solid history of project success, and high levels of customer satisfaction that are rarely seen in the engineering and construction industry. We look forward to the opportunity to add your company or organization to our growing list of satisfied clients!